Chanel embraces tech chic at Paris Fashion Week

With baseball caps, hoods and some Star Wars-inspired stormtroopers, Chanel embraces tech chic at its very own “data centre” unveiled at Paris Fashion Week.

PARIS, FRANCE (OCTOBER 4, 2016) (REUTERS) – The grande dame of Paris Fashion Week embraced tech chic on Tuesday (October 4) as Chanel unveiled its latest collection among the humming “servers” of its very own data centre.

But the appeal went an awful lot wider than computer geeks with a front row including Usher, Lily-Rose Depp, Courtney Love and former French first lady and model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

The flashing lights and brightly coloured cables of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld’s set switched on Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain who said that the real world and the online world were becoming increasingly indistinguishable.

A pair of Star Wars-esque stormtroopers opened the show – their classic Chanel suits paired awkwardly with knee-high space boots.

The collection itself included much that has become familiar to Chanel-lovers but with a playful twist.

The sideways baseball cap in a whole host of colours was ubiquitous with classic Chanel tweeds given an urban edge in the form of hoods.

At times the palette was thoroughly digital with an explosion of neons bursting out of silky dresses and double-breasted jackets, with frequent side ponytails giving a slightly retro vibe.

“It’s not a retrospective, it’s a vision of today’s world. We all depend on it. Imagine your life without your phone,” Lagerfeld told journalists after the show.

“The next step is artificial intelligence and robots,” he added.