Designers put up an opulent show on third day of India couture week

The third day of Amazon India Couture Week in New Delhi sees ace designers Anju Modi and Varun Bahl showcasing their distinct collections.

NEW DELHI, INDIA (JULY 31, 2015) (ANI) – The third day of Amazon India Couture Week (AICW) in New Delhi saw ace designers Anju Modi and Varun Bahl showcasing their distinct collections on Friday (July 31).

Modi, known for the intricate detailing on her outfits, showcased a collection which included traditional Indian attires.

Modi drew inspiration for her bespoke line called ‘Kashish'(Charm) from Persia. Staying true to her inspiration Modi’s collection saw models dressed up in outfits that spelt grandeur. Gold dominated the collection with bits of mint green, fuschia, royal red thrown in.

Speaking of the couture fashion scene in the country, Modi said that couture in India has evolved; it has become more focussed and design oriented than it was before.

“I would say the inspiration from Persia, which is from the Mughal continent. Lots of those architectural and Mughal motifs are the inspiration behind the collection. Since the culture is getting completely hybrid now, we Indian, Persian, European we are becoming one modern take on that,” said Modi.

She added that she was enamoured by the designs that the ancestors have passed on down the generations and was using her expression of mind to translate them into her couture wear.

Kashish, as an abstract inspiration, reflecting Islamic and Persian influences.

On the other hand, designer Varun Bahl, showcased an opulent collection called ‘Aurum’. The designer drew inspiration from flowers.

The set up for Bahl’s show also added to his show as the entire hall was decorated with red roses and chandeliers.

Bahl said that with Aurum he sought to bust the myth that flowers do not look good on men’s clothing.

“I am a lover of nature, always being inspired by flowers in fact every couturier is inspired by flowers. A lot of silk have been used, different form different weaves, georgette, raw silk, matka silk, hand woven silk all different types of silk,” said Bahl.

Bahl’s line also featured outfits with delicate embroidery for women. Colours like ivory, pale pink, pale blue, old rose and bold hues like black, burgundy etc dominated the line.

Adding to the beauty of Bahl’s line were a lot of other fabrics including satins, velvet, net and organza.

As many as 12 countries are showcasing their collection in the five-day long fashion week that concludes on August 02.