Digital Christine Phung kicks of Paris fashion week

Paris ready-to-wear fashion week opens with French designer Christine Phung offering a distorted digital vision of the future.

PARIS, FRANCE (MARCH 3, 2015) (REUTERS) – French designer Christine Phung kicked fashion into the digital age as the curtain rose on Paris’s ready-to-wear week on Tuesday (March 3).

With 92 shows and outings by global power brands including Chanel and Dior, the week is the eagerly-awaited last of the four big global fashion weeks and Phung said she was very proud to be one of the first designers to show.

She called her collection “Glitchology”, taking inspiration from the digital glitches and bugs which aggravate the public but which she says create moments of beauty in the modern world.

“This collection is inspired by a photo taken with a broken camera, so it’s a flower taken by this broken camera which resulted in a glitch, a distortion, a shift, an error and I decided to imprint these errors and to magnify them — it was a moment of poetry that appears in a perfect digital world,” Phung said.

The setting of a top-floor gallery of Paris’ glistening Arab institute looking out on the city’s traditional skyline perfectly captured the collection’s spirit — designed for a woman from “generation y” who has not forgotten how to dress elegantly.

The broken camera screen effect scattered shards of colour over Phung’s dresses and trousers in exotic shades of purple and green.

Elsewhere, a slouchy silver belted shirt dress followed a traditional wool suit — in varying shades of grey — with all the models marching in sky-high sexy biker boots.

The show was Phung’s seventh, having worked for houses including See By Chloe, Baby Dior and Lacoste before striking out on her own.

Ready-to-wear week runs until March 11.