Dries Van Noten clashes into Paris fashion week

Belgian designer Dries Van Noten’s latest Spring/summer collection is a eclectic symphony of clashing fabrics and colours, for a woman who “wears and dares”.

PARIS, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER 30, 2015) (REUTERS) – Dries Van Noten exploded into Paris fashion week on Wednesday (September 30) with a cacophony of clashing fabrics and unsettling music.

The Belgian designer’s show in an industrial hangar had richly embroidered cloths in shades of pink and aqua marine draped around the models slender frames, accentuated by bulky block heels.

The patterns were everywhere, even creeping up models’ arms and legs in the form of stockings and gloves which recalled henna tattoos.

The gloves, Van Noten said, were a nod to the forties — also reflected in vintage sunglasses and sturdy bras worn on the outside.

“The idea was to do it sophisticated and raw at the same time so bicolour prints, or two tone prints that when you clash them together they make an even bigger shock than when you have multicoloured things,” Van Noten said after the show.

“She’s really flamboyant. For me that was the starting word of this collection, that she enjoys life, she wears and she dares,” he said of the woman his collection was aimed at.

Paris ready-to-wear fashion week runs until October 7 with upcoming shows from Dior, Chloe and Chanel.