Fashion bloggers earn their respect at New York Fashion Week

Fashion bloggers earn their respect at New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Fashion insiders prepare for New York Fashion Week: The Shows

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (REUTERS) – Walkways become runways as lights prepare to shine on designers 2016 fall/winter collections at New York Fashion: The Shows.

With just days away from the first look hitting the catwalk, fashion insiders are preparing to see what will be trending in the fashion world.

Over the past few years technology has had a hand in changing the guest list at fashion week from the fashion elite to now include social media stars who have proven they deserve to sit front row.

“I think that bloggers represent a pipedream that was really difficult to see actualized. And so the fact that so many young people with opinions and ideas on fashion have been able to rise to the top of this industry that has historically seemed so impenetrable is really, really inspiring and motivating. You sort of see yourself in the sort of digital superstars of fashion and that’s a really special sentiment to share,” said blogger Leandra Medine.

Medine started her blog The Manrepeller in 2010 as a hobby and now employs nearly 20 people.

The New York native said preparing for fashion week is one of her favorite parts of the job.

“It’s like when all the fun creative strategy comes into play. What will happen is Amelia, our deputy editor and myself will sit down about two and half weeks before fashion week and start conceptualizing all the content, appraising what stories performed really well for us in previous seasons, how to redo them in the current season. But leaving a lot of room in the calendar for the stories that tend to come up as they do as the week actually starts.”

Brooklyn based fashion blogger Kela Walker started her Website Kela’s Kloset in 2013 and is now a regular at events during the week.

“It’s really great to go out and see what the designers are preparing for the season ahead. But really to support the designers that you are into. And to support the designers that you really appreciate their voice and what they’re contributing to fashion community,” said Walker.

Although the practice of blogging was once frowned upon, now more than ever fashion houses are turning to them for help in spreading the word about their brands.

Walker, who focuses on relatable and obtainable fashion, said designers appreciate blogger’s truthful voices.

“We are not being paid for advertisers, we’re not being paid by the print industry if you will. Like this is my site, it’s my voice so I’m going to say what I want to say. And with that you see how they really started to infiltrate the fashion industry. And fashion designers appreciate that, they respect that and they’re being invited to the fashion world and that community more and more every single season,” explained Walker.

As bloggers, keeping their audiences instantly informed is key during the 7-day parade of shows and in order to do this successfully they arm themselves with essentials.

“So the only fashion week essential, and this sounds so stupid, but a phone charger really important and starting the day with a cereal bar if you can’t actually get breakfast. The stereotypes are true, there really are few windows and opportunities to sit down and eat a meal,” said Medine.

“And other essential during fashion week is a change of shoes. You need a good pair of flats, because there is a lot of trekking throughout the city during New York fashion week,” added Walker.

For the second year IMG and the Council of Fashion Designers will host the shows at a converted railway terminus and a former post office.

According to organizers the biannual events stimulates New York’s economy with roughly $900 million and welcomes 230,000 attendees.

New York Fashion Week: The Shows will run from February 11-18.