Flight attendants hit the runway for ‘high’ fashion in Russia

Flights attendants hit the runway of a Moscow airport in a display of ‘high’ fashion as they show off their work uniforms ahead of Flight Attendant Day, marked on July 12 in Russia.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (JULY 9, 2015) (REUTERS) – Flights attendants hit the runway in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Thursday (July 9) to display their ‘high’ fashion sense.

While many cabin crew members have faced the prospect of providing in flight entertainment, few flight attendants would be asked to take their call of duty to the catwalk.

This unusual fashion show saw genuine flight attendants from some 30 airlines take to the catwalk to highlight the care that goes into selecting the design, colours and form of the uniforms cabin crews wear on a daily basis at their jobs.

Spectators were treated to an array of chic cabin crew uniforms, featuring a wide ranging colour palette and variety of materials, including silk and tweed.

A female flight attendant from Vietnam Airlines showed off the newest addition to the iconic ao dai – traditional Vietnamese dress – worn by staff.

Air India flights attendants sashayed across the catwalk in yellow and red saris, while Gulf Air’s female cabin crew wore a signature yellow scarf over a blue hat.

The display of airline fashion was staged to fall ahead of Flight Attendant Day marked in Russia on July 12.