Kanye West accepts shoe award with lengthy speech

Kanye West delivers an 18-minute speech as he picks up the prize for shoe of the year at the Footwear News Awards. Edward Baran reports.

He’s no stranger to raising eyebrows at awards ceremonies.

And rapper Kanye West didn’t disappoint as he picked up ‘shoe of the year’ at the Footwear News Achievement Awards for his Yeezy Boost 350 — speaking for an extraordinary 18 minutes.

Kanye West, musician and designer,

“So it’s cool to be up here with the three people that I screamed at the most in the past year. I know you’re thinking like, where’s my suit jacket? But if my wife’s not here, no suit jacket…I completely have absolutely no plans for what I’m going to say so this could land completely wrong…It’s a spark that I want to like, bring joy. And just like with my daughter is singing and jumping around, it’s like she might not be finishing her sentences perfectly but she’s bringing so much joy and I know that she’s going to grow up and be amazing….Here’s to f***ing everything up!”

It may not have been short and sweet — but the audience of movers and shakers of the shoe world seemed to like it.