Kenzo takes Paris for a magical walk in the woods

Creating a magical woodland in a Paris warehouse, Kenzo goes for effortless outerwear at fashion week.

PARIS, FRANCE (MARCH 8, 2015) (REUTERS) – Kenzo invited the world of fashion to wrap up for a magical wander through a forest on Sunday (March 8) as it presented its latest Autumn/Winter collection at Paris fashion week.

Models sauntered through the shifting landscape draped in fluid layers of capes and blankets in a collection that breathed mobility.

Graphic jacquards and shearling wraps protected the models from the winter cold, layered over dresses and trousers in floral prints.

The palette too was drawn from the natural world with forest greens and sun yellows melting into the metallic trees which skirted round the runway before and after the show.

Co-creative director Humberto Leon said the collection was intended to convey a sense of togetherness with the models at one with their natural environment.

“We were really telling the story about these women who lived in the forest and these pillars almost acted as trees amongst the forest and you’re seeing the refractions of the light and all these different elements that the women in this community live in,” he said.

Women were meant to see in the collection an air of spontaneity and freedom, he added.

“A lot of it was almost about the woman making it their own and this idea of grabbing a blanket and making it into a skirt and grabbing a blanket and making it into a jacket,” Leon said, with co-creative director Carol Lim adding that it remained feminine.

Paris fashion week runs until March 11 with many big shows including Chanel, Valentino and Louis Vuitton still to come.