Military precision at Guy Laroche collection at Paris Fashion Week

Masculine forms and feminine grace mixed with military precision at the Guy Laroche Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

PARIS, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER 30, 2015) (REUTERS) – Military green-clad models invaded the catwalk at the Guy Laroche Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear show on Wednesday (September 30) at Paris Fashion Week.

Called ‘Trouble in Paradise’, the collection featured bold khaki coloured trench coats and trousers off-set by golden appliques of palm trees and sunsets.

Androgenous forms were sprinkled with ladylike grace as thick black and gold chains were pasted onto a silky blue skirt and top or a graceful off-shoulder dress — to maintain the house’s masculine-feminine DNA.

Designer Adam Andrascik said the bar was set higher for this show as compared to his debut collection last year.

“With the first one, it was kind of you’re getting your bearings and you’re trying to figure out what you want to say, a little bit, it might not have to be so solidified in the very beginning but this one I felt like we had to know exactly what we were going to say. And I really wanted to embrace the codes of Guy even more than the previous one, so yeah, I found this one probably very very stressful but very rewarding,” he said.

Lacerated silks, asymmetrical cuts and neatly tailored ensembles made it out onto the catwalk — with tops and bottoms to be mixed and matched in Guy Laroche style.

“I wanted to make a new proposition for the house, I mean Guy Laroche was always about, himself, was always about being modern and pushing things forward and making things more interesting and he was very interested in doing separates and I felt that to be true to the spirit of the house, that we have to take some risks, we have to kind of see what works and what doesn’t and we go from there,” Andrascik said.

The eponymous founder of Guy Laroche started his classic French couture label in 1957 but died in 1989. Previously at the helm of the house was Marcel Marongiu.