Paris fashion week kicks off with Finnish brand Aalto celebrating Nordic midsummer

Paris fashion week kicks off with Finnish brand Aalto’s “Endless Sun” Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection celebrating Nordic midsummer and youth culture in Scandinavia.

PARIS, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER 29, 2015) (REUTERS) – Paris Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday (September 29) with Finish brand Aalto’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, entitled ‘Endless Sun’ which celebrates Nordic midsummer and youth culture in Scandinavia.

Aalto – which in Finnish means “wave” – was launched in 2014 by 36-year-old Finnish-born Paris-based fashion designer Tuomas Merikoski.

For his new collection Merikoski drew inspiration from midsummer time in Finland.

“It is a very specific moment and feeling. There is the summer solstice so no night time really and people are very happy to be outside with summer time after a long winter. So it is really that moment and it’s really about the youth, how the youth has found a way there to leave with a very urban way, but at the same time very nature presence, so the party in the forest or by a lake like a rave party,” he said.

Through the pieces he presented, Merikoski wanted to recall images of young people gathering with friends in the woods in Finland for traditional mid-summer all-night parties and bonfires.

Models wore white dresses, knee-length asymmetric beige skirts, loose tailored suits, and white turtlenecks. A brown sweater was paired with a pair of blue jeans and models sported sweaters giving the range a casual and spontaneous touch.

Merikoski also integrated many masculine elements to his creations, such as a jacket and long straight trousers but adapted to the female body.

“Basically it comes from the aspect of cuts and simpleness and the minimal design aesthetics that we have in Nordic countries, so larger cuts, straight cuts but then we do add up like slimmer sleeves slimmer shoulders. So there’s hints of it, so it is a kind of a puzzle of those things,” he said.

The collection mixed urban wear with a relaxed style celebrating the youth’s carefree spirit, liberation and freedom.