Barry Callebaut unveils ‘fourth flavour’ of chocolate: the Ruby

SHANGHAI, CHINA (SEPTEMBER 5, 2017) (REUTERS) – Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut on Tuesday (September 5) unveiled what it calls the ‘fourth type’ of chocolate, after milk, dark and white — ruby.

At a media event in China’s eastern economic hub of Shanghai, Barry Callebaut CEO Antoine de Saint-Afrique said the new type of chocolate, of a dark pink hue, is made from the Ruby bean and tested successfully on the Chinese market.

To create it, neither berries, artificial berry flavours, nor colour, was added, according to its press release. Barry Callebaut said that over 13 years of research has been put into producing it.

Tastewise, it is a mix of a sour, fruity, and berry taste unique red colour, said Martin Diez, a chef for Barry Callebaut.