Berlin presents “longest beer garden in the world” at International beer festival

A Berlin beer festival aims to keep revellers hydrated and entertained as summer temperatures swell by creating what it is calling the “longest beer garden in the world” at 2.2 kilometres long.

BERLIN, GERMANY (AUGUST 8, 2015) (REUTERS) – If most people think beer and Germany, it’s not long before they think of beer gardens. And Berlin takes that cliché to the max by hosting the International Beer Festival and creating what they call the “longest beer garden in the world”.

For the 19th time, one of the main traffic arteries of Berlin turns for 3 days in August into a beer mile. Organizers expect close to 800,000 visitors from all over the world to drop by and enjoy the warm temperatures with a cold one.

Over 2.2 kilometres revellers can check out 340 breweries from 87 counties, as well as 22 beer regions and their culinary specialties, and get entertained by live music from 20 stages. The entrance is free.

And revellers, really from all over the world, are not not disappointed. The warm temperatures make the stroll along the beer mile – in the much sought-after shade – a pleasure.

“It’s brilliant. It is an awesome place,” gushed Rupert Maidens from England. “We’ve come here four years in a row. Love it. Can’t get enough of it. It’s good fun.”

It’s hard from the beer connoisseurs to pick a favourite among the many beers from all over the world, from traditional German brews to exotic flavours like banana or mango beer.

“For me? Atlantik-Ale, Störtebeker, from Germany. Best one, Atlantik-Ale, very good,” said Joe Wind.

And some just can’t – or won’t – decide, as one reveller from England puts it: “All of them, all of them, really. To be honest, we’ve just gone along sampling. We’ve not actually worked out which ones we’ve had. We’re just sampling as we go.”

The theme of this year’s beer festival is “Experiencing beer and castles” – presenting the traditional brewery Apolda with their crisp Hefeweizen Hell, the Watzdorf traditional specialty brewery with the Watzdorf festival Pils 1411 as well as the brewery ‘Buergerliches Brauhaus’ in Saalfeld with their award-winning ‘Ur-Saalfelder’.