Burger King Japan releases burger perfurme on April Fools’ Day

(EVO) – The key to a woman’s heart is to smell like … well a burger.

And courtesy of Burger King Japan, customers can now cover themselves with the scent of a whopper fragrance.

Brand Manager for Burger King Japan, Kana Ienaga, saying:

“We want women who like meat to wear this, and men who want to smell sexy and wild should definitely wear this.”

The limited 1,000 bottle edition comes with a price tag of 42 US dollars (5000 yen)… (pause) and a free Whopper.

The new burger scent’s release coincides with April Fools’ day, however this fragrance is not a hoax.

Customer, Hidenori Sato, spraying fragrance and saying:

“Let me try this. The smell is very tasty. It smells like a grilled patty, like a char-grilled patty’s burnt smell, and a bit spicy, like curry. This makes me hungry.”

Customer, Nanako Katabami, saying:

“I think this is funny. I don’t wear fragrance, but for those who like it, this should be an interesting campaign.”

If you want to smell good enough to eat, then you better hurry as it’s available for one day only.