China dismisses reports of feeding Africa with human flesh

China’s Foreign Ministry dismisses reports of Chinese companies feeding Africans with human meat as corned beef.

BEIJING, CHINA (MAY 18, 2016) (REUTERS) – China’s Foreign Ministry dismissed reports on Wednesday (May 18) that Chinese food companies were feeding Africans with human meat as corned beef.

State-run Xinhua news agency said recent reports in Zambia quoted an unnamed local woman living in China warning people to stop buying Chinese corned beef.

The woman said that Chinese companies were collecting dead human bodies and packing them in tins labelled as corned beef.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei criticised such reports as “irresponsible”, saying that the country had asked relevant media to look into the fact.

“We express dissatisfaction towards relevant irresponsible reports. The Chinese embassy in Zambia has introduced the true circumstance to the Zambian government and the public, and asked relevant media to investigate relevant reports thoroughly and eliminate serious negative effects brought by such reports,” Hong said.

Xinhua quoted Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming’s statement as saying such reports were from people with ulterior motives who wanted to destroy the long-standing partnership between the two countries.

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