Controversial Vatican McDonald’s feeds the homeless

McDonald’s received a lukewarm reception when it opened a new branch within sight of Pope Francis’s window, but now the fast food giant seems to have taken on board one of his cherished principles – feeding the hungry. Jillian Kitchener reports.

(Reuters) – There was some Holy outrage when McDonald’s opened a restaurant just steps away from the Vatican.

Now the company has taken a charitable turn.

It’s been handing out free meals to Rome’s homeless – getting on board with the Pope’s pledge to help those less fortunate.

Double cheeseburgers, apples and water were distributed from a nearby walk-in clinic.

A help maybe but not enough for some.


“It would be good if these multi-national companies gave poor people food at the end of the day, instead of throwing it away.”

Some politicians weren’t convinced either.


“We will wage a war that has never been seen before. The Pope speaks about capitalism, gives all these lovely speeches, and then lets McDonald’s open in his buildings for 26,000 euro a month, it’s a disgrace. Ask the local businesses.”

But McDonald’s is hoping it can counter some of the negative press.

The fifty lunches served on Monday was just a start.

It’s promised to give away 1,000 meals over the next six months.

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