Diners in Dubai dangle 50 metres above ground in “Dinner in the Sky” event

Dinner in the Sky hosts its guests 50 meters above the ground in a unique dining experience.

DUBAI, UAE (FEBRUARY 26, 2017) (REUTERS) – Sweet treats, sandwiches and drinks – all while dangling mid-air 50 metres off the ground. That’s what a group of diners in Dubai enjoyed recently as part of a “Dinner in the Sky” event that has been held in several countries.

The event features diners lifted high in the air on an open platform suspended from a construction crane.

Turnout for the brunch, lunch, dinner and tea services that began in Dubai in December has been strong, says event manager Mahmoud Barake. Dangling high against the background of Dubai’s skyline is entirely safe, he assures.

“As you can see, the seats have belts attached to them and when guests visit, we have two safety engineers accompanying them for dinner. Plus we have these cables holding up the table; where only one of these cables is capable of holding up the table, we have 8 carrying it…..so we don’t have any safety concerns. We are one of the top safety adventures in the world,” Barake said.

The dining platform can take up 22 guests at a time along with event staff. At a recent outing, diners took photos, drank coffee and enjoyed small sandwiches, croissants and sweet treats.

One of the guests, Mohamed El Amir, called it an “amazing experience”.

“The place is amazing, you can see the marina on one side, the sea and the yachts on the other side. The table turns around giving a 360 degree view – you can see all of Dubai,” he said.

Dinner in the Sky started up in Belgium ten years ago and has since visited 40 cities around the world.