France Nutella sales triggers shopping frenzy

70 percent discount on Nutella sparks chaos in French supermarkets as customers swarm around stand and staff try to restore order

TRELISSAC, FRANCE (JANUARY 26, 2018) (CLEMENT DEZON) – French shoppers swarmed around shelves and stands with jars of Nutella on Friday (January 26) in order to buy the chocolate and hazelnut spread for a heavily discounted price.

French supermarket chain Intermarche reduced 950g jars of Nutella from €4.50 (£3.90) to €1.41 (£1.23), sending customers into a frenzy.

In the scenes reminiscent of Black Friday sales hysteria, bargain hunters were scuffling in stores around France to stock up on their favourite spread.

The 70 per cent price cut at Intermarche stores led to scenes likened by some to “riots”, as staff members tried to calm customers and restore order.