Ice cream takes a trip to the dark side, with charcoal soft serve

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (REUTERS) – Los Angeles store Little Damage is taking dessert to the dark side with a gothic-inspired charcoal ice cream served in an inky-black waffle cone, and it’s taking social media by storm.

The ice cream, named ‘Dark Cinns,’ gets its color from activated charcoal and comes in horchata flavor, a nutty, creamy Mexican drink. Customers can add toppings like desiccated coconut, sprinkles, Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce.

Artistically shot photographs of the soft-serve frozen treat have been popping up all over social media, drawing customers from near and far to try the unique concoction.

“I love it. It’s very unique. I’ve actually seen this on Instagram and I wanted to check it out and here we are,” said Kevin Block, on vacation from Dallas, Texas.

“Well, it’s all over social media. So, of course, we were like, oh, Los Angeles has it, so we came here. I think we came, like, maybe an hour to come this way so we could get this,” said Lindsay Whiting from Pensacola, Florida.

After receiving their cones, most customers went straight to their phones to snap a shot of them and post it on social media photo-sharing site Instagram, where they joined hundreds of others with the tag #littledamage.