Official Oktoberfest beer mug unveiled

MUNICH, GERMANY (AUGUST 22, 2017) (REUTERS – The Oktoberfest is known for hearty food, pretty girls in even prettier dirndls (traditional dress), men in Lederhosen and of course beer. And the beer must be served in the ‘Mass”, the traditional Oktoberfest mug.

On Tuesday (August 22) the official mug for the Oktoberfest 2017 was presented by comedian Maxi Schafroth.

Designed this year by art students Sarah Eigenseher und Hanna Hodzic, the beer mug is the embodiment of the Oktoberfest. Decorated with typical Oktoberfest delicacies like beer, pretzles and gingerbread, the mugs are already collectors items before they have even been used.

The city of Munich started in 1978 to issue a special mug for the Oktoberfest. Every year a different artist designs the motif.

The Oktoberfest is one of the biggest draws for tourists from all over the world, synonymous for many with Munich. This year’s 184th edition of the ‘Wiesn’ will start on September and will finish on October 3.

Organisers say they hope for a “peaceful” event and security measures will be increased following recent attacks with using cars and knives in Europe by sympathizers of the so called Islamic State group.