Russians admire chocolate Putin statue

Russians admire a full-size chocolate Putin statue at a fair in St. Petersburg.

ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA (DECEMBER 5, 2015) (REUTERS) – Russians gathered on Saturday (December 5) in the city of St Petersburg for a chocolate fair with one rather special guest.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was in attendance, except this Putin was made of chocolate.

One of those in attendance, St Petersburg resident Yelena, found it all rather amusing.

“Unfortunately in real life there are many people who want to lick him (Putin) and even more (when he is) in chocolate form. You understand what I am talking about. We have a lot of people who like to lick the authorities. And when he is made of chocolate he provokes it even more. Although you can bite him as well. So some lick and others bite,” she said.

City resident Irina was worried what the fate of the statue would be.

“Well, Putin is the head of the state, why make him out of chocolate? What should people do with him afterwards? Eat him?”

Others spoke of their respect for the real life Putin.

“I like the real one more, I have not tried the chocolate one, so I cannot judge. He is powerful, he sets his objectives, seems to take care of us,” said St. Petersburg resident Alexander.

Chocolate or real, Anna was a Putin fan.

“We love Putin in any state. He is an amazing politician, who does his job normally and consistently. And we are happy,” she said.

A St. Petersburg sculptor, Nikita Gusev, was commissioned to fashion the life-size sculpture for the Chocolate Fair.

Around 70 kilograms of chocolate were needed to make it, supplied by a local confectionary company.

Gusev said he had previously made small sculptures of Stalin, Peter and Catherine the Great and Michael Jackson. The idea of making a life-size sculpture of Putin came when fair organisers remembered a chocolate sculpture of Pope Francis given as a gift to him as the head of the Catholic Church.

Organisers said the Putin sculpture was to be the main attraction at the Chocolate Fair but warned there would be no touching, licking or biting allowed. However they decided that after the fair they would offer the sculpture to the president himself, so it will be up to him whether he decides to taste it.