Russia’s first touch-table cafe opens in the North Caucasus

Russia’s first touch-table cafe says it offers easy service and entertainment to customers in the southern city of Vladikavkaz.

VLADIKAVKAZ, RUSSIA (DECEMBER 26, 2015) (REUTERS) – A unique restaurant in the south of Russia brought technology to the table, turning dinner with friends into a high-tech experience.

Neo café, recently opened in the Caucasian city of Vladikavkaz, has no habitual paper menus or wine lists to choose from, but rather brand new touch-tables glowing in the twilight of the restaurant.

The first cafe with interactive tables in Russia not only allows visitors to browse through colourful pictures of meals with a wave of the finger, but also has numerous entertainment options.

“There are many useful functions here. You order meals yourself, you watch video of them being cooked. There is an online camera in the kitchen, there is an online camera at the parking lot, so that you can check your car. And there are many [other] functions, such as online news,” Neo cafe director, Khetag Bitarov, said.

Touch screens give customers a possibility to watch their meals cooked via CCTV cameras, get online, and even send messages to the other tables.

And diners don’t have to worry about the safety of the expensive technology: a ten-millimeter thick glass protects the tables from various types of physical damage.

“We even tested them [tables], we broke bottles on them. It was very hard for us to do it. Our hearts were bleeding. We broke bottles, glasses, poured [water] on it, made havoc. We did all this two days before the opening and there were no scratches,” Bitarov said.

High-tech features attract guests of all ages to the Neo cafe. Children and grown-ups at the café on Saturday (December 26) were enjoying the touch-screens and eagerly exploring all the entertainment options – and perhaps too eagerly ordering from the choices on offer.

“Yes, [children learnt how to use tables] fast. The first time [we came] one of the boys did an excellent job and ordered us a cocktail with alcohol in it. But they have already learnt how to use it [touch table],” diner Nelia Misikova said, surrounded by children at the dining table.

So far there are 17 interactive tables in the restaurant. Later organisers plan to add eight more tables to the karaoke hall on the underground floor.