Antique dress lost in dry cleaners found after post on social media

A missing antique wedding dress has been located after the bride’s emotional plead on Facebook was shared over 280,000 times.

EAST LOTHIAN, NEAR EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (BBC)- An antique wedding dress has been found by its owner on Saturday (February 11) after her post on a social media website received over 280,000 shares.

The dress that Tess Newall wore on her wedding day belonged to her great-great-grandmother and had been in her family for nearly 150 years, until it was lost after a dry cleaners went bust late in 2016.

Newall said that her mother told her in “floods of tears” on Thursday (February 9) night that the dress was lost after it was taken to a dry cleaner in September, after she and her husband Alfred returned from their honeymoon.

“We were told that it would take three months for the dress to be ready. And my dad who had the ticket had heard nothing and couldn’t get through to them on the phone. So he went in January to the shop to see what was happening and it was all boarded up and there was a sign on the door saying it had been in administration since October, so nearly a month after we had taken it there,” she said.

The loss of the dress followed the closure of Kleen Cleaner in Edinburgh.

Newall said she was so upset that she couldn’t just let it slip.

“So I just popped it on Facebook on Friday morning at about ten o’clock and just the response has been overwhelming,” she said.

When her mother told her about the dress being missing, Tess Newall said she couldn’t quite believe it had happened.

“It was just also disbelief, anger, then also guilt because, you know, if I hadn’t worn it then it wouldn’t have happened and although it was very much my dress for that moment, it was my great-great-grandmother’s and there’s other family members who should be wearing it,” she said.

Newall posted on Facebook on Saturday (February 11) that she had received a phone call from the landlord of the dry cleaners, who had read about the story, to say he had found an antique dress “crumpled in a heap on the floor”.

“My mum and dad have just been let into the shop and to their amazement and joy it is our dress!,” Newall wrote.

She added that her family wanted to thank people for “creating this frenzy” that allowed them to retrieve the dress before the shop was cleared.

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