Ernest Hemingway

Book offers a new look at Hemingway

A new book recounts the story of a Cuban youth baseball team started by Ernest Hemingway. Angela Moore reports.

A new book shows a different side of acclaimed author Ernest Hemingway.

The book is called ‘The Homerun Kid: The True Story of Ernest Hemingway’s Baseball Team’.

It is the story of how Hemingway, while living in Cuba, organized a group of local children to play baseball with his two sons.

Now 85-years-old, Oscar Blas Fernandez was one of those children.

Oscar Blas ‘Cayuco’ Fernandez, Gigi’s All Stars former player,

“I dreamt that Hemingway would write a book about us and what we were up to, like he did in the book ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. But he never did it, and it always made me sad to think that he never wrote a book about us. So now, we wrote a book about what we did and I feel very satisfied because it’s part of my dream.”

Fernandez collaborated on the book with Canadian actor and writer Brian Gordon Sinclair.

Brian Gordon Sinclair, actor and writer,

“What it shows is a different kind of Hemingway. People around the world have really enjoyed looking at the hard drinking Hemingway, the guy who goes out and shoots lions and chases a lot of women, and there’s a much more compassionate side to Hemingway that people don’t know about and that’s what’s in these books.”

Five years ago, the Hemingway Museum in Havana created a new children’s baseball team – offering a new generation a chance to write their own story.