Brits find their marbles in World Championships

Johnson Jets win this year’s World Marbles Championship

TINSLEY GREEN, ENGLAND, UK (APRIL 14, 2017) (HUTC) – British side the Johnson Jets won this year’s World Marbles Championship on Good Friday (April 14), beating defending champions Yorkshire Meds.

It is claimed that marbles has been played at Tinsley Green in West Sussex for hundreds of years, although the current championships date back to the game’s revival in 1932.

The car park of ‘The Greyhound’ pub may not be the most salubrious of locations but, according to folklore, this site has been used since 1588. The ring is a concrete circle, six feet in diameter and covered in sand.

Forty -nine marbles are placed in a ring. Players get a point for each marble their Tolley, a shooting marble, knocks out of the ring. The first team to reach 25 points wins.

It is the biggest date in the marble game’s calendar and in attendance this year were teams from Germany and the United States along with the 12 British teams. Whilst anybody can play, those who progressed to the later rounds definitely displayed superior skill levels.