Buchi Kamitondo, a poem #zambiadecides2021

Kitwe Zambia, wed 11 Aug /Buchi Kamitondo Childhood/–

Back Home
If I had the power to turn back the clock
Go back to that house in Buchi/Kamitondo….
The house that was my home when I was a kid,
I know that I’d love it more now than I did.

If I could go back there at my mother’s knees,
And hear once again all the things she told me,
I’d listen as I never listened before,
For she knew so well just what life had in store.

And all the advice my dad used to give,
His voice I’ll remember as long as I live;
But it didn’t seem really important then;
What I’d give just to live it over again.

But the years roll by and we cannot go back,
To that house in Buchi/Kamitondo,
But we can start now – in the hour that’s here,
To do something more for the ones that remained,
In Buchi/Kamitondo, the ones who are still there.

And since time in its flight is travelling so fast,
Let’s not spend it regretting that which has passed,
But let’s make tomorrow a happier day,
By doing our “good to others” – today.
If I went back home….

source: Buchi-Kamitondo Childhood