Chinese monk ‘runs on water’ for 125 meters using plywood planks

China (Next Media) – A Chinese Shaolin monk has managed to “run” along the surface of water for 125 meters.

Shi Liliang, a monk from the Shaolin monastery in Quanzhou, Fujian province, ran along the surface of a river across 200 planks of plywood made from slices of wood veneer that had been glued together, according to Shanghaiist.

The plywood planks provide enough flexibility to slightly reduce the downward pressure when being stepped on, China’s iFeng reported.

Shi’s technique is to have his body tilt forward slightly and step on the planks with his toes only to reduce the amount of time needed to step on each plank, according to iFeng.

Shi Liliang broke his own record of 120 meters, which was achieved in January.

SOURCES: Shanghaiist, iFeng