Dutch man waits for 10 days at Chinese airport for girl he met online

A Dutch man spends 10 days waiting at an airport in central China to meet a girl he met on the internet, local media reports.

CHANGSHA, HUNAN, CHINA (JULY 27, 2016) (HUNAN ETV NEWS HANDOUT) – A 41-year-old Dutch man spent ten days in an airport in central China waiting for a girl he met on on the internet, local Chinese media reported.

Alexander Pieter Cirk arrived in Changsha’s Huanghua International Airport on July 17, hoping to meet a 26-year-old woman surnamed Zhang.

Local broadcaster Hunan ETV News spoke to Cirk after he had spent eight days in the the arrivals terminal.

Cirk told Hunan ETV that he had met Zhang online a little over two months ago and wasn’t going to leave until his “girlfriend” arrived at the airport.

Airport authorities told Hunan ETV Cirk had spent time at Huanghua about two years ago waiting for another girl he had met over the internet.

On July 29, Zhang phoned Hunan ETV to say that she had not expected Cirk to actually come all the way to Changsha.

“I was really shocked. When we started, we were aiming towards (marriage), but he slowly became a bit indifferent towards me. But when we started we were both on good terms,” she said.

Zhang said that she was unable to meet Cirk since she had recently undergone cosmetic surgery and it was “inconvenient” for her to step outside.

She also confirmed that she was not the same girl whom Cirk had met over the internet two years ago.

After ten days of waiting with little to eat or drink but instant ramen noodles and soft drinks, Cirk was hospitalised due to heart and kidney problems, local media said.

Hospital staff told Hunan ETV that Cirk has serious diabetes, and for him to return now to the Netherlands would be life-threatening.

Despite his poor physical condition, Cirk said he was still adamant about meeting Zhang.

“To have a good talk with the woman I love. (and bring her) back to my hometown, and she, where we both want to go,” he said.

On August 1, Cirk finally departed for the Netherlands after spending several days in a local hospital.

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