Egyptian boy performs shocking ‘superhuman’ stunts

ASSIOUT, EGYPT (REUTERS) – A group of awe-struck spectators gathered in their small village in Egypt’s city of Assiout to witness a local child perform extraordinary stunts.

Eight-year-old Ahmed el Helaly displayed a number of terrifying abilities including, and not limited to, eating glass, lifting children with just his teeth and tolerating fire sparks on his skin.

His father, Karim El Helaly, said he discovered his son’s unusual abilities three years ago, when he first saw the child eating raw meat and displaying exceptional force with his friends.

The father, nicknamed ‘The Pharoah’, turned heads last year when he himself started performing stunts such as nail eating and pulling trucks with his teeth.

Karim said he had not trained his son and attributed Ahmed’s extraordinary skills to his lineage, which he claimed dated back to the 11th century Arab hero Abu Zeid El Helaly.

“This is something that is not connected to spirits or magic. This is genetic. Some people come and say that Karim trained the child and is training his children but no, I swear this is not trained. This is superhuman strength,” said Karim El Helaly.

Karim said he was worried at first when he witnessed his child’s skills and took him to see doctors who assured him that the glass eating was not harming they young boy.

“A father is usually worried for his son so I took Ahmed to private and public hospitals and we had x-rays and even brain scans, MRI’s, heart rate and sonar (scans) to look at the glass that he eats. We wanted to know if the glass remains undigested. Thank God the doctors comforted me and for sure Ahmed’s energy supercedes any other human strength,” said the father, who now helps Ahmed with his stunts, including using a sledgehammer to break bricks on his son’s stomach.

Ahmed said he was first influenced after he watched his father show “superhuman” skills. He also said he wanted to continue to use his ability for fun but did not wish to harm anyone with it.

“I play with my friends at school and they do not fear me. We play together but this is a super strength that I have and I want to let it out but I do not want to harm anyone,” said the eight-year-old boy.

Ahmed said he’d like to move beyond his small village to compete in international competitions of strength, and perhaps even to break a Guinness world record.