Girl ‘living with monkeys’ rescued from northern Indian forest

Police in northern India rescue a young girl from a forest in northern India, who couldn’t speak but ate, walked and screeched like monkeys.

BAHRAICH, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA (APRIL 6, 2017) (ANI)- Senior medical officer, D. K. Singh, said on Thursday (April 7) that a girl who had been rescued from “living with monkeys” seemed to have lived with animals for quite some time.

Singh said that when she was first found and admitted to hospital two months ago she walked on all four limbs but now walks on her legs. He also said that he expects her condition to improve.

Police in northern India rescued the girl, aged between eight to ten years, from a forest, after she was spotted by a police team during a routine patrol in Bahraich district of northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to doctors, she was malnourished, had long hair and nails, as well as wounds on her body when she was brought in for treatment. She neither spoke nor understood any language.