How a spider caused a car to T-bone school bus

( Next Media Online) – A nine-year old Indiana boy was left with minor head injuries after a spider scare resulted in a spectacular crash between a car and a school bus.

Angela K. Kipp, 35, of Syracuse, was reversing a Dodge Avenger out of her driveway on Friday at around 4.20 p.m. when she noticed a spider on her shoulder and immediately leapt from the vehicle.

Kipp’s 9-year old son, who was in one of the vehicle’s rear seats, then jumped into the driver’s seat in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

But instead of hitting the brake, the boy put his foot on the accelerator.

The car then shot out of the driveway and rammed into a passing Wawasee Community School Bus.

The force of the impact spun the vehicle around, causing the boy to fly out of the open door and onto the road.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment to minor injuries. No one else was injured.

No charges are expected in the case which a local sheriff called one of the strangest in his career.