Millions of tulips in bloom at annual flower fest

Millions of flowers reach their peak bloom at the 34th annual Skagit Tulip Festival in Washington State.

SKAGIT VALLEY, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (APRIL 23, 2017) (NBC-Broadcast) -Millions of flowers were in peak bloom over the weekend at the 34th annual Skagit Tulip Festival.

Located about 70 miles (112km) north of Seattle, the river estuary is covered in fields of flowers, mostly Dutch tulips, daffodils and iris, which draws nearly a million tourists during the festivies in the month-long celebration in April.

According to a recent study by Washington State University, the region accounts for nearly 75% of U.S. commercial production of cut flowers — producing nearly 75 million flowers and another 20 million bulbs every year.