Paris’ Champs Elysees illuminated with Christmas sparkle

Paris’ iconic Champs Elysees%20Elysees&redirect=yes"> avenue is illuminated with its annual Christmas decorations to welcome in the festive season.

PARIS, FRANCE (Reuters) – Paris’ Champs Elysees%20Elysees&redirect=yes"> avenue was illuminated with Christmas sparkle on Monday (November 21), welcoming in the festive period in the French capital. The City of Lights shone with blue and gold twinkling lights along the famed avenue, which is lined with museums, theatres and luxury shops and leads up to the Arc de Triomphe monument. Hundreds of onlookers watched the avenue’s trees shine, taking selfies in front of the holiday lights. Revellers also enjoyed a nearby Christmas market, enjoying roasted chestnuts, chocolate-covered churros and warming red wine. The market in Place de la Concorde is Paris’ largest, but there are a number of others. The Christmas market has its roots in medieval Germany, and has since spread across Europe to become an essential and favourite feature of the festive calendar in the run up to Christmas.

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