Peru fishermen capture massive one-tonne manta ray

A group of fisherman in northern Peru capture a massive one-tonne manta ray measuring eight metres (26 feet) in length.

TUMBES, PERU (RECENT – APRIL 18, 2015) (KELLY CRUZ) – A group of fisherman working in the northern Tumbe region of Peru made a big find at the weekend — an enormous manta ray which local media have reported weighs one tonne (1.1 tons).

The ray was found in the La Crove cove in northern waters near the border with Ecuador on Saturday (April 18). The area is roughly 1,280 km (795 miles) to the north of Lima. The one-tonne (1.1 tons), eight-metre- (26 feet)-long manta ray had to be transported by a tow truck.

Fisherman Erick Cruz told media the massive fish was so large it could not be loaded onto their fishing boat.

“We pulled at it, we picked it up and it became so entangled that we could not get it out. We tied (the manta ray) at the side of the boat, we lifted the anchor and as it was dead we took the opportunity to bring it back,” he said.

Peru’s marine authority, IMARPE, has reportedly been in contact with the group of fisherman for information on their find.

Manta rays are in the same biological order as the smaller sting rays.