Pokemon GO Master says he’s not over with the game

Pokemon GO Master Nick Johnson is hoping the game will go on even after capturing all the Pokemons.

TOKYO, JAPAN (AUGUST 8, 2016) (REUTERS) – Nick Johnson, the first person to beat Pokemon Go and capture all 145 Pokemon, said on Monday (August 8) he’s not over with the game and hopes additional functions will be added soon.

“I think that they would be very wise to learn from the success of this game and figure out how they can start building that in to all the different titles they do. I think they have a lot of different titles whether its Pokemon, Zelda or things like Mario that are really about going out and exploring the world and that sort of curiosity of always trying to find something new or defeating a new challenge. So I think that that’s one of the things that Pokemon has done really well with this game in getting people to actually go out and do that around them in the real world, and I think that it would be pretty great if they could start building that in to some of the other things, I think it would fit pretty naturally with what they have,” said the 28 year old full-time tech employee from Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Johnson, revered online as the Pokemon Go master, is visiting the birthplace of the Pokemon game after capturing the last regional Pokemon in Sydney on August 5 and before returning to work in the United States on Wednesday (August 10).

Apart from the 141 Pokemons found everywhere, there are four regional Pokemons only available in other regions. Mr Mime can only be found in Europe, Tauros in North America, Farfetch’d in Asia and Kangaskhan in Australia and New Zealand.

While he caught his Farfetch’d in Hong Kong earlier this month, he had hoped to visit Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, which owns the licenses to the game’s characters, while in Japan but has yet to do so.

“I haven’t. I tweeted at them after I finished my initial quest in Sydney and was coming to Japan. I didn’t hear back from them unfortunately. I would definitely have loved to visit Nintendo but, we’ll see,” he said.

Johnson believes Pokemon GO-like games may just be the beginning of a new trend in the gaming industry.

“For me the, the success of Pokemon Go is a testament to the fact that gaming today is really pretty ubiquitous. Everyone has a smartphone so the idea that gaming is something of a niche industry as it has been in decades past is definitely no longer true,” he said.

But he is not ready to hang up his smartphone yet.

“Yes, I’ll definitely carry on playing it. There’s still a handful of the legendary Pokemon they haven’t released yet. So I’m looking forward to when they do that. I’m hoping they add some of the more asked for features like player versus player battling and more direct interaction with other players. It’s still a great way to sort of hang out with friends and go outside and it’s a good excuse to exercise for me still I’ll be keeping up the regimen,” he said.

His tip for other Pokemon GO players is to maximise the social aspect of the game and create online and offline networks to find rare Pokemons.