The Powerball jackpot

Powerball jackpot soars to record-setting $700 million

Buyers are snapping up tickets in the Powerball lottery after the jackpot soared to $700 million, an all-time record for North America. Diane Hodges reports.

This is the stuff dreams are made of….a piece of paper that could win its owner $700-million in Saturday’s Powerball lottery.

That’s an all-time record for North America, and lottery fever is infecting many in New York.

Buyers are keeping lottery machines humming, and their minds turning, thinking of what they would do if they won.


“Maybe I’ll quit my job. I’ll give a couple people a few dollars and so on.”


“Probably bathe in it, lay in it. I’d throw it up in the air and swim in it.”


“I’m gonna share it. I’m gonna share with all my family and friends, I’m gonna share. I only need a million. One million I need. That’s it. I’m going to share it. I’m not greedy, no I’m not, no. One million and I’m going to share the rest. Jesse is gonna do that.”

But the odds of winning are long. One expert said they’re 1-in-292 million.

There hasn’t been a Powerball winner since November, when a Tennessee man claimed $144 million. Since then, the pot has kept getting larger.

Each buyers is hoping this will the be week that streak will end.