Toddler helps care for injured mother

China Central Television (CCTV)- Carefully climbing onto a chair and leaning over towards a bed, a three-year old girl helps to clean the face of her mother, who was seriously injured in a traffic accident last month and has to stay in bed.

Niu Ziqian, the toddler, comes from a single parent family in Ruzhou City of central China’s Henan Province.

A traffic accident on the night of Sept. 22 killed her grandparents, seriously injured her mother and left Niu with bruises.

Niu has received treatment and made a full recovery, but her mother is still bedridden due to suffering multiple broken bones.

“I cannot move from the bed and I even have to relieve myself while on the bed. So my daughter helps me to get the basin and takes it away after I have finished. My daughter does everything,” said Niu’s mother, Wang Huixian.

Niu also comforts her mother when she is grieving for her parents.

“Sometimes when I missed my father and mother, I sobbed. My daughter came and said ‘Mommy, don’t cry, I’ll help you, let me look after you’,” said Wang.

The little girl’s mature and responsible attitude has been praised by local medical personnel.

“She feeds her mother, hands the basin to her mother and helps her mother to clean herself. Other children of her age are generally not as capable,” said Du Dandan, a nurse in the orthopedic department at Ruzhou People’s Hospital.

As the driver involved in the accident has not taken responsibility, Wang had not been able to afford medical treatment. However, as of Thursday afternoon, warm-hearted people had donated more than 800,000 yuan to the family.

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