What to expect for the year of the goat

(NVO) – Welcome to the year of the goat!

Even though markets are still shut across Mainland China, in the freewheeling city of Hong Kong – a densely packed maze of skyscrapers built to cater to Chinese principles of Feng Shui – masters of the craft are divining what the year will bring.

Goats come eighth in the Chinese zodiac of 12 animals.

And those born under the sign are pegged as creative, charming and fond of nature.

The Chinese character “Yang” can mean either goat or sheep, and even ram – causing some confusion on the exact nature of the sign, is it happy or hostile?

I met with Feng Shui master Raymond Lo to find out what we can expect.


“The goat actually in Chinese tradition is something related to happiness. For example, a very common saying Chinese say is happiness, energy like a goat so therefore – and it’s a comparatively auspicious animal so therefore it has a moderate character, but when we talk about the element it is dry earth. We are into a year more easy to make agreements and make a coming to terms.”

But along with the gentle goat, a few warnings to those who take heed of the ancient art of Chinese astrology.

The year of the sheep is viewed as inauspicious for giving birth – babies ending up with another well known goat-like characteristic: being followers – just one of the pack.

Lo also warns the Chinese elements of water, wood, fire and metal this year point to danger in dry places – warning on Middle East.

The last goat years of 2003 and 1991 coincided with heavy U.S. military action in the Gulf.