Wife carrying world championships held in Finland

SONKAJÄRVI, FINLAND (REUTERS) – For brides who want to relive the joy of being carried over the threshold on their wedding night, they can!

The 20th annual Wife Carrying World Championship in central Finland featured 60 couples from 14 countries, drawing more than 8,000 spectators.

Ville Parviainen defended his world championship title with gymnast Sari Viljanen with a time of one minute and two seconds on the 253 meter (830 feet) obstacle course.

Ville Parviainen, wife carrying world championship winner,

“Yeah we won the the competition, and it’s really fun, I’m really happy right now.”

Contestants need not be married to each other to participate although the team is required to consist of one man and one woman.

Race director Eero Pitkanen said the competition was stiff.

Eero Pitkanen, wife carrying world championship race director,

“They are tough and the fight will be hard, but the whole point of the race is to have fun.”

Comedians Jared Hasselhoff and Bulent Ceylan pretended to be the race’s first all male team.

Jared Hasselhoff, comedian,

“We are the first male-male couple here right?”

Bulent Ceylan, comedian,

“No, no my name is Annelise.”

As always, the lucky winner took home the coveted liquid trophy – the weight of the winning wife in beer.