Carol and David Martin from Hawick

Winners of record UK lottery win say money won’t change them as people

A couple who have claimed half of an historic 66 million British pound lottery jackpot win say the money won’t change them

KIRKNEWTON, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND (JANUARY 13, 2016) (ITN) – A couple from Scotland who have scooped 33 million British pounds (47.5 million US Dollars) on the lottery in the UK say the win won’t change them as people.

Carol and David Martin from Hawick in the Scottish borders said they couldn’t believe it when they checked their numbers the day after the draw and discovered they had won

Speaking at a press conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday (January 13) Carol spoke of the moment they realised their luck was in: ‘We just kept looking at each other and going ‘no it cannot be, no it cannot be.’

The couple who have claimed half of the historic 66 million British pounds lottery jackpot say their first purchase will be a plane ticket home for their daughter:

”My daughter is in Australia so that will be the first purchase we haven’t done that yet but it will be a probably a first class flight home, from Australia for my daughter,” said David.

The rollover Lotto prize was split between two tickets, so far Camelot say one of the winning tickets has been verified.

The life changing win, David said, will change their lives – ‘but as people it won’t change us.’