Like diving off a cliff – huge wave wipeouts

Contenders for wipeout of the year award

(WORLD SURF LEAGUE) – Imagine jumping off an apartment block with tonnes of water about to crash on top of you – that is a big wave wipeout.

At locations around the world surfers are riding huge waves, anything up to 78 feet (23.8 metres) high, and sometimes they fall off them.

Video of the best big wave wipeouts has been released by the World Surf League as surfers and videographers compete for the Big Wave wipeout of the year.

Wipeout is one of seven Big Wave award categories to be judged, with the awards at a gala ceremony in California on April 29.

Both the surfer and the videographer receive a money prize in the category – $5,000 and $2,000 respectively but only the surfer gets the bruises.