London Marathon wants refund from Shobukhova

Britain’s High Court says Liliya Shobukhova should pay back money the since-disgraced Russian athlete received for running the London Marathon.

LONDON, UK (FILE-APRIL 25, 2010) (REUTERS PICTURES) – London Marathon organisers said on Tuesday (July 19) they have won a British High Court judgement calling for the return of money paid to 2010 race winner Liliya Shobukhova of Russia, who was subsequently banned for doping.

The order requires Shobukhova to repay £377,961.62 (500,000 U.S. dollars), which includes the prizes plus appearance money paid to Shobukhova for the 2010 and 2011 London Marathons; she finished second in 2011.

The organisers said getting the judgment enforced in Russia and the money returned would be “a long and difficult process, but we will pursue it as we are determined that cheats should not benefit”.

Any money received would be distributed to the athletes whom Shobukhova cheated out of their rightful dues, said the organisers.

Shobukhova served an IAAF ban after the discovery of abnormalities in her biological passport. All her results from October 9, 2009 were annulled.

Ethiopia’s Aselefech Mergia is now credited with the 2010 London Marathon win.