Fury dresses as Batman, Klitschko unimpressed

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (SEPTEMBER 23, 2015) (REUTERS) – Tyson Fury lived up to his eccentric reputation on Wednesday (September 23) during an entertaining news conference with world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in London.

Fury challenges Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Germany, on October 24 for the WBA, WBC and IBF world titles, and if belts were handed out for pre-fight entertainment, would be the undisputed world champion already.

The British traveler entered the news conference dressed as Batman before tackling a fellow impersonator who’d come as The Joker.

The purpose of the stunt, it seemed, was to show Klitschko what he could expect when the veteran Ukrainian puts his titles on the line next month, and involved plenty of pointing and shouting from Fury.

After exiting stage left, Fury soon returned, this time more conventionally attired in a three-piece suit, and he convivially shook hands with Klitschko and his entourage.

When asked how confident he was, Fury said very.

“As confident as waking up in the morning and putting my shoes on,” he told reporters. “That is how this fight is going to go. Very sharp simple easy knockout. No doubt in my mind I can’t beat Wladimir Klitschko. I wouldn’t be the fighter I am if I can’t beat an old man like that. He has all them defences, won all them fights, beat all them Americans, all those Europeans. He ain’t beat me.”

Fury soon lost his cool though when Klitschko suggested a new job for him if he loses.

“They can give you a good job as a clown,” said Klitschko. “This is not an abusive word. I have a lot of friends from the circus industry, they are clowns it is very tough to make people laugh.”

Rising to his feet, Fury made a series of threats against Klitschko, took off his jacket and had to be held back by security guards.

“This is a really entertaining press conference,” said Klitschko. “I have seen the past years a lot of different press conferences with a lot of different fighters, but this is probably the most exciting/entertaining.”

He then said he would treat Fury humanely when they meet, promising to keep him “safe”.

Fury was in more bloodthirsty mood though.

“I am not coming to Germany to out-box you,” he said. “I will tell you now, game plan out of the windows. I am knocking you spark out. I am going to get on top of you are going to be begging for help. Just remember that. You can’t jab and grab me. It ain’t happening. Too big, too strong, too young, too quick. Mid rounds out cold out.”

The conversation continued to be heated as Fury insisted that the pair box in smaller gloves than those that had been chosen, so they could do maximum damage.

“We need some proper gloves to fight in, some proper punchers’ gloves to do damage with when we hit each other, not some padded gloves with all the weight in the knuckle,” he said. “We need to do damage when we hit, to cause damage. Blood, splits, pain, shocks, buzzes, blue flashes. I can already tell you are afraid because you have the biggest gloves possible. And if you are such a big puncher and such a great man, why don’t you get some smaller gloves so you can do some proper damage when you hit me.”

But Klitschko said he was worried by the amount of damage he would do and was concerned for Fury’s well being – a sentiment that was met with derision as Fury insisted the pair were in the hurt business.

The pair then faced off for the cameras, but the potential flashpoint amounted to very little, before Fury’s mood changed again and he put his arm around Klitschko – and shook his hand – for a photo call.