Brazilian soccer legend, Zico, marches in Carnival parade in Sao Paulo

Brazilian soccer legend, Zico, takes part in a massive Carnival parade as one of Sao Paulo’s best samba schools honours Japan. Zico is a former coach of the Japanese national soccer team.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (FEBRUARY 14, 2015) (TV GLOBO) – Brazilian soccer legend Arthur Antunes Coimbra, better known as Zico, paraded in Sao Paulo’s Carnival parade competition on Saturday (February 14).

The former soccer player and coach marched with the Aguia de Ouro samba troupe in front a massive throng of fans and tourists.

Aguia de Ouro’s theme this year was Japan and to commemorate 120 years of friendship between Japan and the South American country.

Zico was invited as a special guest in part because he coached the Japanese national soccer team from 2002 to 2006.

“I am very grateful to Águia de Ouro for inviting me here on such an important year. These 120 years of Brazilian-Japanese immigration, these two peoples who always have to stick together,” Zico said.

Aguia de Ouro is one of the elite Grupo Especial samba schools in the Sao Paulo parade competition.

Some 3,500 members paraded alongside Zico as the honoured Japan and in a flurry of colour, light and sound.