Collapsing traffic light almost hits car carrying Ronaldinho

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho has a near miss when a traffic light signal collapses just in front of the car he was travelling in.

KOZHIKODE, KERALA, INDIA (JANUARY 25, 2016) (ANI) – Brazilian football legend, Ronaldinho, on Monday (January 25) had a close shave in India’s southern Kozhikode city after a traffic light signal collapsed in front of the car he was travelling in.

Ronaldinho was in Kozhikode to inaugurate the Nagjee International Club Football Tournament and was returning from Nadakavu Girls Higher Secondary School in the city after a function when the incident happened.

The traffic light signal, which was no longer in use, collapsed just behind one car and a few metres in front of the car carrying Ronaldinho. No one was hurt in the incident, and Ronaldinho was able to continue his journey after the debris had been cleared.