Fenerbahce team bus attacked in Trabzon

Turkish soccer team Fenerbahce have team bus attacked after away game in Trabzon, driver reported injured.

TRABZON, TURKEY (APRIL 4, 2015) (FENERBAHCE TV) – The Fenerbahce team bus was attacked by rival fans on Saturday (April 4) after a Turkish league game against Rizespor, Fenerbahce TV reported.

The coach driver was taken to hospital after sustaining injuries in the incident which happened as Fenerbahce, who won the match 5-1, were travelling to Trabzon to fly back to Istanbul.

“Turkey is going through difficult times but the incident you have witnessed is not a simple one. This incident is very important. Because obviously this is an attack aiming to kill or injure the driver. Because nobody else was wounded. The driver was the only one. This coach was passing over a viaduct. They wanted this coach to be smashed and they wanted to see the footballers dead,” Vice president of Fenerbahce club Mahmut Uslu said.

The attack was carried out in Arakli district of the Black Sea Province of Trabzon.

The wounded driver was taken to hospital for treatment and the footballers were taken to the airport with an armoured vehicle.

No players were hurt but there were conflicting reports about the nature of the attack with some media reporting that stones were thrown by rival fans and others that gunshots had been fired.