Magician Dynamo energizes Barcelona players

Illusionist and mind trickster Dynamo claims he motivates Barcelona players and inspires Luis Suarez to bend a steel nail.

BARCELONA, SPAIN (CAA SPORTS CONSULTING) – A master of sleight of hand and misdirection, Britain’s illusionist Dynamo has been revealed as a secret weapon in Barcelona’s attempt to win the Champions League tournament and dislodge La Liga leaders Real Madrid.

Barcelona’s betting sponsor has helped Dynamo to train some of the team players in his techniques of mind-control and self-belief.

A video released by the company shows Dynamo appearing to fool Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Luis Saurez and Gerard Pique, into believing he touched them on the shoulder when he was nowhere near them.

The magician also appears to inspire Luis Suarez to use his power of concentration to bend a steel nail that he could not bend before.

Gerard Pique is seen saying “we need this to win against Paris St Germain” and the suggestion is that such mind control helps players co-operate better on the pitch and may have been responsible for Barcelona winning through to the Champions League quarter-finals with their historic 6-1 comeback against PSG last month.

Sadly such techniques do not always succeed, as Barcelona found out at the weekend when they were beaten 2-0 by lowly Malaga, and missed the opportunity to draw level with Real Madrid.