Platini “in between” witness and accused person-Swiss prosecutor

UEFA head Michel Platini is somewhere between a witness and an accused person in a soccer corruption probe, Swiss prosecutor says.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND (SEPTEMBER 29) (REUTERS) – UEFA head Michel Platini is being treated by Swiss authorities as somewhere between a witness and an accused person in soccer corruption probe that was widened last week to include FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter, Switzerland’s Attorney General said on Tuesday (September 29), on the sidelines of a lecture he was giving at Zurich University.

“We didn’t audition Mister Platini as a witness, that’s not true, we investigated against him as an “in-between”, between a witness and an accused person”, Michael Lauber told reporters at the end of his lecture

“If I was satisfied or not, I can’t tell you because I would do a real big damage to the investigation”, he added, when asked if he had been satisfied with the answers UEFA’s boss had been providing so far.

Asked if he was ready to go and raid UEFA headquarters and Platini’s office, Michael Lauber only said that he would “do anything if I can do something to clear up what is the real truth, and if I have enough elements to go there, I could not exclude that I also have to go there.”

He said his office had not decided yet whether to bring charges against Blatter.

“As I said last Friday, we are investigating against Mister Blatter, we also had auditioned for Michel Platini and so far, that is what I can tell you. I understand the real, enormous public interest, but for tactical reasons I don’t want to tell you at the moment more but I can also tell you that I will come up with an update as soon as I can, in order to make understood what we are doing”, he explained.

Prosecutors questioned both Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini on Friday (September 25), when they announced a criminal investigation into Blatter.