It’s ridiculous to compare Messi to anyone – Luis Enrique

Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique says comparing striker Lionel Messi to any other player is ridiculous.

BARCELONA, SPAIN (REUTERS) – FC Barcelona coach Luis Enrique Martinez said on Friday (December 23) there will be no other player like Lionel Messi in soccer history.

“Messi can play wherever he wants, Messi is a different. It’s ridiculous to compare awards, ‘golden melons’ or whatever they want to compare, it’s just ridiculous,” he said in an interview with Barça TV. “There hasn’t been a player like him, not only in relation to the present players, I don’t want to offend any present player, but with players from the past, there’s no comparison as well.”

Luis Enrique added he is confident his team will get titles over the season becuase they play the best football.

“We will get titles because I think we are the team that plays better soccer, that has the clearest ideas and over the season, that will give us results.”

he said.

The team is currently on Christmas break and will have to face Athletic Bilbao first week of January for the second round of the Copa del Rey.