Rory gets ripped

The world’s number one golfer appears on the cover of Men’s Health magazine showcasing his workout regimen

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (MEN’S HEALTH) – Golfer Rory Mcllroy, who heads to Augusta in the coming days to attempt a career Grand Slam, will appear on the cover of the April 14 Men’s Heath magazine. The world number one golfer’s physical transformation from the doughy kid who burst onto the professional golf scene in 2007 jhas been impressive. According to Mcllroy he had replaced 20 pounds of fat with muscle over a three-year period.

“My workout will consist of golf specific excersises, you know, sort of rotational core strength. There will be quite a lot of PAR (Physical Activity Readiness) in there as well, biometrics and box jumps. You will still do some heavy lifts and weights but for the most part just maintainence work and trying to stay injury free for the season,” Mcllroy told the magazine.

Mcllroy spends between 60 and 90 minutes in the gym six days a week and says his favorite cheat meal is a burger with fries.