‘Jetbike’ preparing for over 645kph world ‘two-wheeled land speed’ record

A Britsh team are preparing to break the land speed world record on two wheels with the “Jet Reaction” jetbike.

ELVINGTON AIRFIELD, YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND, UK (JETREACTION.NET) – A British team are putting the finishing touches to a land speed world record attempt on two wheels with their “Jet Reaction” jetbike.

Richard Brown, an Oxfordshire engineer, built the bike which has the potential of reaching speeds of up to 724 kilometres per hour (450 m/h).

Brown and his team will do a full-powered speed test in Pendine Sands, Wales from May 23-25 before attempting to break the world record on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, United States in September.

In 1999, Brown narrowly missed beating the land speed record on Bonneville salt flats using a custom-built rocket bike, the Gillette Mach 3 Challenger bike, which featured a custom-built hybrid rocket engine.

He smashed the one-way speed record for a motorbike by hitting 584 kilometres per hour but his claim on the outright world record – based on the average of two runs in opposite directions – failed when a tyre burst.

Brown hopes he will become the first person to exceed 720 km/h on a motorbike while achieving an average two-way speed of at least 640 km/h.

The current motorbike land-speed record, 606 km/h, was set in 2010 by Rocky Robinson on a bike called the Ack Attack Streamliner. Such record-breakers feature elongated metal bodies – as does Jet Reaction – making them look more like giant bullets than motorcycles. They are also fitted with retractable stabilisers for balance when moving slowly or stationary.